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K9 Breeding Service

K9 Breeding Service

Here at The K9 Fertility Centre we offer a full Breeders Package for your dogs. We can offer you the full Breeders package or just one service, the choice is yours.
Our full Breeders package is as follows:
  • Semen analysis of stud dog
  • Unlimited Cytology ovulation tests for the bitch
  • 2 matings carried out 48 hours apart.
  • Confirmation ultrasound scan at day 30 from second mating.
  • A peace of mind ultrasound scan around day 40-45 
  • Discounted Microchipping for your full litter at 6 weeks old
  • Support and advice 24 hours a day throughout your breeding experience.

Obviously you don’t have to take the full package, you may want the microchipping done by your vet at the time of the injections if you get a breeders deal for example.

Prices do vary depending on whether you come to us or you would like us to travel to you, the latter being more expensive as we have to take into account time and expenses on top.

Please note: The breeders package DOES NOT INCLUDE A STUD FEE. This is purely for the fertility services offered by us .

K9 Breeding Service in Manchester


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Semen Analysis

The prices for our fertility services are as follows:

Cytology testing.
1 cytology test at our premises – £25
1 cytology test at your location – from £30 (depending on location)

Assisted Matings.
1 mating of your own dogs by Asissted mating at our premises – £50
As above but we travel to your location – from £55 (depending on location).

Pet Ultrasound Scanning.
1 scan at our premises – £30
1 scan at your location – from £40 (depending on location)
Emergency scans in hours as above, out of hours varies

Semen Analysis and stud proving.
Stud dog brought to our location to collect a semen sample and then analysed under our microscope with a video output screen for you to see and video – £50
As above but we travel to your location – from £60 (depending on location and time).

Puppy microchipping.
Microchipping is £10 per puppy
If you prefer us to travel to you prices are the same but we charge a fuel cost depending on your location.

Full breeders package.

Our full breeders package costs £200, this is for the breeding of your own dogs at our premises. for this package payment is payable on your first Test.

This package consists of :

  • Semen analysis of stud dog.
  • Ovulation testing by
  • Cytology (up to 4 tests). Starting from day 7 from the first sign of bleeding.
  • Mating carried out by 2 Assisted Matings, 2 days apart.
  • Confirmation scan at day 30 from second mating.
  • Peace of mind scan at around day 40-45.
  • Discounted microchipping of the whole litter of pups regardless of number (can be done at your location if you are within 10 miles from us)
  • 24 hour support from start to finish including recommendation on good C- Section vets, advice on supplements and aids for your whelp once pups are home. (although Bulldogs are able to self whelp we recommend they have a C- Section in case of any complications such as inertia)

For the price of our stud dog package please see our Bulldog stud dog page for more details

Breeding Service For Dogs

Check out our full services page for more details on each service we offer.

We Provide all sorts of services including:

How to breed my dog

Canine Assisted Mating

Pet Ultrasound Scanning

Stud Dog Proving

Pet Semen Analysis
Should you require our services please do not hesitate to contact us here.
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