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English Bulldog Stud Dog

High quality K9 fertility with an Amazing Service

The Infamous One


Our Champion sired boy comes from a long line of champions, he has 13 in his last 5 generations!
Our Champion Pedigree English Bulldog is of perfect health. He is health tested to Gold⭐ under the Bulldog Breed Council heath testing scheme. He is a stunning standard red and boasts great head, rope and bone structure. He is true to type and of superb breed standard.
  • Champion Sired
  • Health Tested to Gold Star under the Bulldog Breed Council health testing scheme
  • Boas Grade 0
  • HUU Clear
  • CMR1 Clear
  • DM Clear
  • 13 Champions in last 5 generations
  • Lines from amazing pedigree dogs
gold health tested english bulldog stud dog

Here at The K9 Fertility Centre we are qualified in canine fertility, Cytology Ovulation Testing, Ultrasound scanning for pets and Microchipping of dogs, cats and small animals. We work within the law and to the highest of standards, not only for our animals safety but for yours too. All our Artificial Insemination equipment is disposable sterile equipment designed for one use only and all packs are sealed and opened in your presence. We offer our British bulldog stud dog to healthy bitches of breed standard colour.

Check out our full services page for more details on each service we offer.

What is included in our full stud package:

  • Unlimited Cytology ovulation testing
  • Two matings with our stud dog.
  • Compulsory confirmation scan at day 30 from first mating.
  • Second scan for piece of mind if required.
  • FREE microchipping service for the litter at 6 weeks old (at our location)
  • Our full support throughout the whole process.
  • Valuable Advice throughout the entire whelp.
  • Help with kennel club registrations if required
  • One free re-mate in the unlikely event of an unsuccessful mating. (provided ovulation testing is carried out)

Here at The K9 Fertility Centre we care about our breed and we care about the welfare of animals in general, that’s why when you leave our premises you can be safe in the knowledge that you have our full support all the way through the breeding experience whether you’re a first time breeder or you have previous experience because we all need a little help from time to time so we want you to know we’ve got your back.

We always recommend having Ovulation testing carried out on day number 7 of the first sign of blood on your girls heat cycle, Ovulation testing is a very accurate way of knowing when the perfect time for mating is, and although a mating is never guaranteed, its the best way to ensure you give yourself the best possible chance of a successful mating with the best number of puppies in your girls litter.
We are unable to offer progesterone testing as a service as the taking of bloods is illegal unless you are a qualified vet or a veterinary nurse, we can however offer cytology ovulation testing, this involves taking vaginal swabs from your bitch and examining them under a microscope. This method is now widely used and has a great success rate.
As part of our Stud  Service contract we must perform the confirmation scan. We do this on day 30 from the day of the second mating. The purpose of this scan is to confirm that the mating has been successful and although we will give you an estimate of how many puppies your girl is carrying we can never guarantee this will be the number your girl has because there are factors that occur such as absorption of fetuses that can change the number we give you. In the event of an entire litter being reabsorbed we will give a free re-mate as this is still classed as an unsuccessful mating.

So what do we charge?

We offer two options for our full stud service from start to finish and you can choose which option you want to go for, the first is just £500 paid in full on the first mating which covers the whole mating process listed above.

What if the mating is unsuccessful?

Whenever you use our Gold Health Tested Bulldog stud dog we will always perform a semen analysis for you before the mating while you’re present and show you the results on our microscope so you have complete piece of mind that our dogs semen is of the best quality but in the unlikely event that the mating is unsuccessful we always offer a free re-mate on your girls next season.

We Provide all sorts of services including:

English Bulldog Stud Dog

British Bulldog Stud

British Bulldog Stud Dog Manchester

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