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Fertility Clinic Manchester

K9 Fertility Stockport, Manchester

We are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of fertility services, The services we offer are:

Microchipping for Cats

Owners must now ensure their cat is microchipped by law

All cat owners should now have their pets microchipped as new legislation comes into force today (10 June).

Owners must ensure their cat is microchipped before they reach the age of 20 weeks with their contact details stored and kept up to date in an approved pet microchipping database.

Call now on 07802 681 561 for an instant service in the comfort of your own home.

microchipping for Cats
We’re here to offer expert advice and support to all our clients and we provide our services 7 days a week 365 days a year because you can’t plan nature taking it’s course.
Our full breeders package is second to none and we also offer each service individually too, you can find details of this on the Breeder’s Package page. We offer a mobile service for your convenience. Should you require our services you can get in touch using the form below. Although we are based in Stockport, we cover the whole of Manchester and Cheshire.

Fully certified and insured

Top quality sterile equipment

Open 8am - 9pm

Aftercare and advice

Breeding Service Manchester

With years of experience owning and breeding dogs we are fully experienced in all aspects of animal welfare. If you are a first time breeder we can offer you help and advice throughout your whole breeding process including the whelping process and after care.

We offer an introductory training session on the day you arrive back from the vets if you have a C section. The point of this is to teach you the fundamentals and emergency actions during the vital first 24 hours such as help with the initial latching on to mum, supplements, tube feeding in case you have to intervene incubation using your box, etc. when we leave your property you will have the knowledge to be confident enough to care for your puppies the correct way and have a better chance of survival rate for them all.

K9 Breeding Services In Stockport

Does k9 cytology testing actually work

Mobile K9 Fertility Clinic Manchester

Facilitating both mobile and in house services we can accommodate everyone's needs. We support ethical and responsible breeding to enhance all breeds of dogs. We ALWAYS recommend getting both your bitch and the stud dog you are planning to use health tested under the Kennel Club health testing scheme for your breed of dog. By doing this you can ensure that you are breeding out any flaws in the breed but equally important, you are making sure your puppies are given the best start in life clear of any hereditary defects in the breed.

Check out our full services page to find out about each service we offer

Breeding Service In Manchester

Why it is important to plan ahead if you are going to mate your dog?

We have an excellent success rate in the services we provide.
We know first hand how important is, once you have decided to breed your dog that you do not miss the small window that you have for the mating, so its vital we get it right.

We always recommend doing ovulation testing and starting it 7 days from the first sign of your girl bleeding. If you do this you will allow us to track the cytological cells from the start of the season to ovulation.

This is important because we are able to see the cells changing and we can tell when your girl is starting ovulation by doing this.

This is the reason you should plan ahead and make the decision to mate your dog at least one season ahead, this way you can prepare everything in advance and work out the approximate date of her next season.

We offer our full support during your breeding journey, from the moment your girl comes into season to the whelping of your litter.

Knowing the optimum time to mate your bitch is important and thats where our support comes in.  Semen analysis is carried out on our microscope.  We can ship semen anywhere in the world, we can also chill, wake and freeze semen.

Our A.I service is highly effective, safe and stress free for your girl. We can assist with the whelp too, so if you need assistance, give us a call and we’re happy to help.

fertility clinic Manchester

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Fertility Clinic Stockport

We Provide all sorts of services including:

Dog breeding Service Manchester

Fertility Clinic Stockport

Cytology Testing for dogs

Pet Scanning Manchester
Dog Pregnancy Scanning
Should you require our services please do not hesitate to contact us here.

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