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A good K9 Ultrasound Scanner will be able to give you a gestation sac count that is pretty accurate. The fact of the matter is, numbers can never be absolutley 100% accurate on a scan count, just like the sex of a baby on a typical ultrasound scan is never guaranteed.

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This Ultrasound scan was performed on a stunning English Bulldog. She was such a good girl.

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Ultrasound scan performed On A lovely English Bulldog

There are several reasons K9 Ultrasound scanning may not be accurate. some of these are listed below:

  • Gestation sacs can be “hidden” behind other sacs at the time of scanning which makes it difficult to give an accurate number
  • Some bitches don’t co-operate with the ultrasound scanner which makes it extremely difficult to be accurate.
  • The quality of the ultrasound scanning machine affects the images you see so the better quality the machine, the easier it is to count numbers.
  • Reabsorption can take place up until around day 43 (when skeletons are formed), so you may have a count of 8 on day 28 but on day 45 you may only have 4 pups. This is down to Reabsorption.
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Does k9 cytology testing actually work

Facilitating both mobile and in house services we can accommodate everyone’s needs. We support ethical and responsible breeding to enhance all breeds of dogs. We ALWAYS recommend getting both your bitch and the stud dog you are planning to use health tested under the Kennel Club health testing scheme for your breed of dog. By doing this you can ensure that you are breeding out any flaws in the breed but equally important, you are making sure your puppies are given the best start in life clear of any hereditary defects in the breed.

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