How does K9 Cytology Testing work?. It works by collecting swabs from the Vulva of your dam and examining the cells under a microscope. We perform these tests on a daily basis and we find they are great at predicting the ovulation timings on dogs in heat.

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This is a video of Cytology Testing On A lovely French Bulldog

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Lets go into a little more detail.

Cytology is a test performed on female dogs during their oestrus cycle to help determine the optimum time to breed and enhance the success of mating. The types of cells present in the vagina vary depending on the stage of oestrus. We take a swab of the cells that line the vagina walls and analyse these cells under a microscope. Sometimes we may take more than one swab to determine the optimum time to breed.

How does it work?
Cytologic changes through the canine oestrous cycle reflect changes in blood concentrations of oestrogen.

Oestrogen levels rise before and also during proestrus, this is the time most owners will notice that the girl has started her heat cycle, usually in the form of a swolen vulva and bleeding. The oestrogen levels then fall in conjunction with the pre-ovulatory surge of luteinizing hormone. Rising levels of oestrogen bring on the “cornification” of the cells that is characteristic of smears examined during Estrus.

What do we see during the Cytologic stages of the Canine Oestrous cycle?

This is usually seen as the first sign of the breeding cycle and it is referred to as the Dam “coming into season”. It usually lasts for around nine days on average but can last longer and is different for every dog. Usually your Dam will start to “flag” another dog and also male dogs will start to show interest in your Dam, at this point the dam  is usually non receptive to male advances.

At this stage we see mixed cell types with red blood cells with Nucleus still very dominant in the cells.

k9 ovulation testing

This is the time during the cycle when a female responds to a males advances, this can last around 9 to 11 days. This stage can also be detected by behavioural signs.

ovulation occurs during this period and this indicates the optimum time for breeding. The Dam’s bleeding decreases and the vulva becomes soft and the Dam responds to stimulation by rubbing the back at the top of the tail.

At this stage it shows predominantly cornified epithelial cells with very little or no Nucleus present in the cells.

Cytology Testing

The female becomes less interested in the male and behaviour starts to return to normal

At this stage we see the cells revert back to basal cells, with fewer red blood cells and Nucleus start to return in the cells.

k9 cytology testing near me

At this stage of the cycle there should be no bleeding and your Dam’s vulva should have returned back to normal

At this stage we now just have basal cells

how does k9 cytology work

Cytology Ovulation Testing is an invaluable part of breeding your dog. It allows you to accuratley pinpoint when your girl is going to hit ovulation. Testing normally starts on day 7, this way we can see the cytological changes in the cells and you can physically see the Nucleus in the cells dissapear as they cluster.

Here are just a few of the dogs that had Cytology Testing done with us and were confirmed pregnant on day 30. Most of them had large litters of 6 or more.

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Is Cytology testing accurate for dogs??

Our verdict.

When performed by an experienced Cytologist, the results are fantastic! Now don’t forget that NO MATING is ever guaranteed BUT.. when all ovulation testing is done correctly and mating is done correctly then you stand the best chance of success.

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