Does K9 Cytology Testing actually work?. This is something we get asked all the time. Well we perform these tests daily and we think they’re amazing at predicting the ovulation timings on dogs in heat.

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This is a video of Cytology Testing On A lovely French Bulldog

Play Video about Cytology ovulation Testing for dogs

This Cytology test was performed on a lovely French Bulldog on day 9 of her heat cycle. This slide shows that she has ovulated and is ready for mating.

Does k9 cytology testing actually work

Cytology Ovulation Testing is an invaluable part of breeding your dog. It allows you to accuratley pinpoint when your girl is going to hit ovulation. Testing normally starts on day 7, this way we can see the cytological changes in the cells and you can physically see the Nucleus in the cells dissapear as they cluster.

So, does Cytology Testing actually work???

Well, you can judge for yourself! 

This is that lovely French Bulldog, we did the Ultrasound Scanning on her too and as you can see, the results speak for themselves..

This lovely girl had 9 puppies!!!

Good luck with your new furrbabies, boy have you got some sleepless nights ahead!!

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french bulldog puppies

Does K9 Cytology testing actually work??

Our verdict.

When performed by an experienced Cytologist, the results are fantastic! Now don’t forget that NO MATING is ever guaranteed BUT.. when all ovulation testing is done correctly and mating is done correctly then you stand the best chance of success.

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